Dispatch Services
Our primary focus is rapid field service that will reduce your down time and solve your tire problems. Whether you’re at a construction site, your yard or stranded on a highway, we’ll send the right truck for the job and an experienced tire tech to do the job right.

Our service manager answers the phone 24 hour a day, which means nights, weekends and holidays. We cover the North Central Texas region. No matter where your job is located, we’ll go there.

We provide a complete tire service. Our trucks are fully stocked. Not only do we provide service, we provide all types of tires, wheels, fleet checks and recommendations to extend the life of your tires.
We can balance large tires at your location whether it’s an 18-wheeler tire or RV tire. We have balancers and tire changers on a trailer and in a van for your convenience. Forklift owners, we can save you time with our mobile tire press that can press off and on new tires at your shop.

Whether you need field service or want to come to our shop, we are available 24/7 to provide assistance.