More than 85% of damaged OTR tires can be repaired by the process known as vulcanizing. Consider having high-treaded radial tires section repaired at in our in-house shop. Vulcanizing can be a big money saver when you are on a budget.

If you tire has a lot of tread left, the vulcanizing process can extend the life of the tire. Our trained techs can turn around your OTR tire within a few days. Each step is done by hand, so quality is ensured. Once vulcanized, the tire must run on the rear of the equipment to be guaranteed.

Step one is cutting out the injury and checking the steel cords. Step two is filling the area with hot rope rubber with an extruder gun. Step three is having it cure on the section repair machine using heat and pressure for 8 hours. Step four is buffing off the excess rubber. Step five is pressing on a re—enforcement patch.

A vulcanized tire can run for months to years depending on your application and operator.